Review of The Parting of the Ways (9th Doctor)

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Review of The Parting of the Ways (9th Doctor)
The Parting of the Ways - Episode 1.13

Okay, this is it. The end of series one. I’ll be putting together a reference post soon, so that all of the series one reviews can be accessed from one post. Anyway, The Parting of the Ways is a fabulous, stressful, emotional roller coaster. Kudos to Russell T. Davies! Well, let’s get on to the spoilery stuff.

Episode: The Parting of the Ways by Russell T. Davies
Rating (1 to 5): 4.9
Baddie: Daleks (complete with Emperor)
Rose is Trapped: In the TARDIS and back home.
The Doctor is Trapped: On Satellite 5 after he sends the TARDIS away.
The Doctor Enjoys: Rose in a safe place. Barcelona (The planet)
The Doctor Dislikes: Daleks. Destroying worlds. Rose in danger.
Doctor-y Strangeness: The Doctor chooses not to destroy the Earth (I’m thinking that he can’t do the same terrible thing twice). He absorbs the Time VorteX from Rose. He regenerates.
Scary Stuff: The Daleks killing everyone (including Jack), and almost killing The Doctor.
Does someone local help out? Lynda and some of the Game Station staff. They die. Mickey and Jackie back on current Earth. They don’t die.
Bad Wolf? is Rose. (and the name of the Corporation, on the poster behind Rose’s head in the chip shop, in graffiti on a wall, and on the ground in large letters.)
What we learn: Jack thought that the Time War was just a legend. The Doctor is known as The Oncoming Storm in the legends of the Dalek homeworld. The Emperor survived the Time War. The new Daleks were made from humans. Rose brought Jack back to life. No one is meant to look into the Vortex.
The Doctor’s Death Wish: The Doctor is just going to let the Daleks kill him!
The Doctor Apologizes To: Um…no one?
My Favorite Bits: The Doctor materializing around Rose and the Dalek. “Nul points.” The Doctor’s “Oncoming Storm” speech. Jack’s farewell to Rose and the Doctor *sniffle*. Jack in black leather recruiting volunteers. “You sent her home. She’s safe. Keep working.” The Anne Droid dealing with the Daleks. “-Exterminate! -I kinda figured that.” Rose as The Bad Wolf. The Doctor dying to save Rose. The new Doctor.

Observations and musings:

So…Rose. Jealous much? I love her reaction to Lynda. And then The Doctor sends her home, and she can’t deal with it. She can’t just sit there and let her friends fight and die without her. Her Mum and Mickey must really care about her. They love her enough to help her go back, even though they want her to stay (and even though she was a bit rude to Mickey). Rose is very like her Father it seems. Her way back to the Game Station is impossible and deadly, but she manages it anyway. Rose is The Bad Wolf. She saves The Doctor, destroys the Daleks, and resurrects Jack. It occurs to me that there are several things that The Doctor should have warned Rose about. He needs to make a little instructional video for new Companions. Cover old enemies, what happens when you mess about with time, instructions about not breaking the TARDIS, and what regeneration is. I think it would help. Poor Rose. She loses her two best friends. Mind you, you have to wonder how it was that Rose managed to hold on to the Vortex as long as she did without dying. Perhaps she is more special than we will ever discover.

When we begin, The Doctor is dealing with the fact that his worst nightmare has come to life. The Daleks are still alive, and they have Rose. He gets her back, and faces his enemies with flair (IMNSHO), and returns to the Game Station ready to save the world again. But then Jack has to go lead the defense, and The Doctor knows he won’t make it out alive. He can’t let Rose die, so he tricks her into the TARDIS and sends her away. The look on his face is heartbreaking. The mere fact that Emergency Program One exists tells us that The Doctor planned for the possibility that he might need to send Rose to safety. I wonder when he recorded it? He finishes the Delta wave in time, although he doesn’t have time to refine it. When it comes down to it, though, he can’t do it. He can’t repeat the end of the Time War. He’s so tired of all this and he wants it to end. Then Rose appears to save him, and he gives his life to save hers. I’ll miss you Ninth Doctor. *sniffle*

I am very interested in the TARDIS crew’s interaction at the beginning of the program. They are such a family. Oh, Poor Jack. They left him there. After he died for them and everything! He recruited the defenders, mounted the defense, and he was the last man standing. (Twice…’cause Rose brought him back to life.) He came a long way, didn’t he? This episode gets to me. I’m sitting here reviewing and I’m getting a bit teary-eyed. Christopher Eccleston is an actor with such depth. I wish that he’d stuck around for another season. Good-bye Ninth Doctor, hello Tenth Doctor. Well, there you go. Next is the Children in Need special, so the review should be a short one.

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