Review of Children in Need Special (10th Doctor)

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Review of Children in Need Special (10th Doctor)
Children in Need Special

This is the wee special that came between Parting of the Ways and The Christmas Invasion. I know that it’s short, but I’ll try to do a proper review. Off we go!

Episode: Children In Need Special
Rating (1 to 5): 3
Baddie: The regeneration going wrong.
Rose is trapped: In the TARDIS set to crash with a Doctor suffering from regeneration sickness.
The Doctor is trapped: In a new body? Well, not really trapped, per se in this one.
The Doctor enjoys: His new mole.
The Doctor dislikes: Regeneration sickness and Rose not believing he’s still The Doctor.
Doctor-y Strangeness: He just regenerated…and regeneration sickness makes him a bit off.
Scary Stuff: The Doctor acting oddly.
Does someone local help out? nope.
What we learn: The Doctor and Rose often run for their lives, but there was one time that they hopped instead. The Doctor didn’t warn Rose about regeneration in advance. Jack is busy rebuilding the Earth, so they can’t go back for him.
My Favorite Bits: New teeth. Love the mole. Hopping for our lives. Nut Loaf.

Observations and musings:

I’m not sure why The Doctor was surprised about his regeneration sickness. The only problem-free regeneration he had was the first one. Also, you’d think that The Doctor would have a “starting from scratch” cheat sheet for new companions by now. It would have regeneration, enemies, and how not to end the world. Take a look at The Doctor’s face when Rose doesn’t accept him right off. He goes from loving the mole, to really serious very quickly. Perhaps he wasn’t expecting to have to explain? When Rose asks him to go back for Jack, he says that Jack is busy re-building the Earth, and that is the last Jack is mentioned that season. Poor Jack. Also, poor TARDIS being set on a crash course by a delirious Doctor. Will they survive? Find out next in The Christmas Invasion. (Review to come soon.)

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