Everything you ever wanted to know about the TARDIS

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Hello everyone,

Well, now that The Doctor’s latest regeneration has finally happened across most of our TV sets, we face yet another void till Series 5 starts up later this year.

To help pass the time, take a look at this site, it has everything you ever wanted to know about The TARDIS.

The information is color coded so that you know if the information is coming from the original series, the new series, or the various books.

As most know, the interior of the TARDIS will be getting a new look in series 5. I am not sure how different it will be, but would it not be cool to see The Doctor going through the selection of the various avaliable desktop themes, and for just a moment stop on the one used during the 4th – 7th Doctor erea.

Personally I liked the console room from the 7th/8th Doctor period. Very HG Wells. I also liked the idea that The Doctor had set up a sort of living room. I mean he lives in his TARDIS so why not.

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