The End of Time Part 2 – A Reaction

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Okay, some may say, its about time you guys discussed, The End of Time Part 2, and some may say its been so long in coming, what is the point, but here it is, my discussion of the End of Time Part Two.

This was a very hard episode to review. Unfortunately my fellow blogger here at The Articles could not join me in a joint review, so here goes my best effort. For those that have yet to see the Episode I am sure this review will be filled with spoilers, so join me beyond the spoiler warning at your own risk.

Spoiler Alert!

Okay, first things first, I have to admit while I am a big fan of the new series and the 10th Doctor, I have to admit, the Gap Year specials have left me unsatisfied. Okay, The Next Doctor was fun but the Cyber King …. and The Planet of the Dead and The Water’s of Mars were not my favorite stories. Plus this was not really four specials throughout the year, it took so long to get to The End of Time Part 2 that I just wanted The Doctor to regenerate and be done with it.

With that disclaimer said, I was able to enjoy many aspects of the final episode. I really liked the senes with The Doctor and Wilfred. Unfortunately a series of nice scenes does not make a good episode. The whole episode seemed like a loving homage to other shows and movies, Star Wars and Star Trek II to name a few. While I enjoyed the scenes of Wilfred shooting the Tie-fighters, err missiles, I wish there was a story to talk about. The first episode was focused on bringing about The Master Race comment, and that threat was done away with by the wave of a magic glove.

I get it part two was all about getting The Doctor into the main warp core access point, err I mean gate control pod, but why did it have to take so long to get to that point. The Timelords did not really do anything int he episode? And why did The Doctor not regenerate in the booth? The Fourth Doctor fell from a shorter distance than The 10th Doctor and the previous incarnation regenerated much quicker. The best Marvel No-prize I have heard was, what if the fake regeneration at Journey’s End was interrupted by the fact that The TARDIS was out of phase, and it left The Doctor with one year to live? That way the radiation could have pushed things over the endge and triggered a already irregular regeneration.

Ah well, I could go on and on but that is no fun. How would you have done The End of Time part 2 differently?

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