FanFicRec: The Calm Before the Storm by “Kalleah”

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FanFicRec: The Calm Before the Storm by “Kalleah”

Story: The Calm Before the Storm
Author: Kalleah
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 40137
Author’s Summary: This is the story of a journey for the Doctor and for Rose, as the Doctor comes to terms with his guilt and her mortality and lets go of guards and walls long built up. This is a story of a yearning for deeper meaning even when the mind rejects its validity. A jealousy of those with a deep faith. Fireplace gnomes and laughter and an idyll in a place of dreams and perfection. And ultimately, of the choices we make, and the price we pay for them, and in the end, their worth.
Characters/Pairings: 10/Rose, OC (the fabulous Jacob)
Warnings: Sex

Recced because: Kalleah’s The Calm Before the Storm is an examination of beliefs and their effects on our lives. It is also a beautiful watercolor portrait of an adventure undertaken by Rose and The Doctor that doesn’t involve quite so much running for their lives. Before the storm of Doomsday falls upon them, they have this time together with one of The Doctor’s unexpected friends. If you enjoy this story as much as I did, there is a whole series to keep you occupied, so don’t despair when you reach the end. I’m not going to include an excerpt of this one, because it was too difficult to choose one. (Oh, and a thank you to mkejenkins who first told me about this story.)

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