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Did anyone watch the Doctor Who animated adventure Dreamland?
I will avoid spoilers here, but I have to say, with a bit more fleshing out, this would have made a fun episode for the live action show.

Without starting the whole “what is cannon” discussion, I think it is cool that the 10th Doctor had a series of adventures on his own, it makes it easier to think episodes like Dreamland are cannon. I have to think that at some point the BBC will allow Big Finish to do New Who audiobooks, and when that happens it will be so much easier for them to slot in the 9th or 10th Doctor’s stories. That is ofcourse if either actor wants to participate in Big Finish stories. I am guessing the answer we be yes, as long as enough time has passed.

So anyway, sure Dreamland cannot compare to a Pixar film, but it was nice to have something new going on. I really hope these gap years only happen every five years or so.

So what did you think of the episode?

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