The End Has Been Prepared For

Posted by: Dr. Geek

Doctor Who must be gaining in popularity, either that or the BBC finally realized a six month to one year delay between the British broadcast of Doctor Who and the television broadcast in the United States was just as crazy as one of The Master’s schemes.

This year’s Christmas Special, The End of Time Part One, will air the day after Christmas on BBC America. Not bad no? Now if only they would show it at the same time throughout the world.

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Dr. Geek holds two doctorate degrees and is an archaeologist and an attorney who has done extensive research on myths and their impact on modern archaeology and modern storytelling. He appreciates the history and mythology woven together in the Doctor Who shows.


  1. Margaret  December 27, 2009

    And it won’t reach Canada until the day after New Year’s (Jan 2), which just sucks. What’s the point of having the Queen on our currency if we still have to wait to get episodes of Doctor Who?!?

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  2. Dr. Geek  December 27, 2009

    Canada has to wait longer than the USA? That just does not seem right. Without giving anything away, it is worth the wait.

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