Oh to be a kid in the UK

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Okay I have to admit it, as a Fan of Doctor Who, I always wanted my own TARDIS for my backyard.
As an uber geek thoguh, I would want to find some way to have my own console room.

I may be the only one to say so, but so far I think the 7th/8th Doctor’s console room was the coolest. At least it looked like something one would actually live in.
Before the spam starts, see that I said I liked the console room, do not get me started on the Eye of Harmony issue.

Anyway, where am I going with this? Well as most people know, the 11th Doctor will have a new console room. We have no idea what it will look like, or if it will even be that much diferent from the current version, but we do know some lucky kid will get to design a console that will show up in series 5.

See this story

Too bad Blue Peter does not have a USA edition.

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