A Future for Sarah Jane?

Posted by: Dr. Geek

The third season of The Sarah Jane Adventures just started and it got me thinking, are there plans of a series 4?

With RTD leaving the Whoniverse is it possible that this is the last series for Sarah Jane Smith? Would anyone care?

I think the series has definetly gotten better. I just wish the show had a bigger budget.

I have no problem with low bduget shows, but for some reason the constant re-use of aliens from Doctor Who comes across less like a cool cross-over, universe building event, and more like, “we can save a pound by having the Judon show up” Maybe it is because the characters from Doctor Who are altered somehow in the translation to the SJA? Or maybe it is because the characters that do cross over are the more “kid friendly” type?

What does everyone think?

I think SJA should get a series 4 but they should take a page from Torchwood and do a six part mini-sereis type event. You know something that would give them more time to flesh things out.

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