When Daleks Fly

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from <em>Remembrance of the Daleks</em>
from Remembrance of the Daleks

Okay, so I am sure others have pointed this out, but it is my turn to have a mini rant.

The final installment of the Doctor Who Greatest Moments focused on the show’s villains. When it got to the Daleks, a lot was made of their historic first flight up the stairs.

Yes this was the first time this series showed the Daleks flying, so the scene is important as it introduces this concept to a new generation.

But for a show that has up to this point, and all points since, been aware of its own history, after all Sarah Jane Smith commented on the redecorated TARDIS, why no mention of the 7th Doctor Dalek story?

In Remembrance of the Daleks, The Doctor and Ace sought the safety of a staircase only to be surprised by the Dalek.

I guess it bothered me that in the five or so minutes the Greatest Moments went off about this there was no mention at all that it was done for the first time in the late ’80′s.

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  1. whochick  September 9, 2009

    Totally agree! Argh. Also? The Doctor’s name is *not* Theta Sigma.
    growl. It’s a nickname. I feel like most folks have forgotten the 7th Doctor eps.
    (gets down off of soapbox)

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  2. Dr. Geek  September 9, 2009

    I really like the 7th Doctor, and this episode in particular was one of his better stories.

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