The Pocket Project: The Doctor Dances

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The Pocket Project

This week on The Pocket Project we are looking at episode ten of Doctor Who series one – The Doctor Dances. What will The Doctor produce from his seemingly endless pockets this time? What will he use the Sonic Screwdriver for? Let’s find out.

The Pocket Project: The Doctor Dances – 1.10

1. A Banana – Which we don’t actually see until a bit later, as he’s swapped for…

2. Jack’s Blaster – that he uses to blast a hole in the wall.

3. Sonic Screwdriver – it’s totally sonic. Used to threaten gas mask zombies, open a door, sonic a door closed/locked, resonate concrete, open handcuffs, reattach barbed wire (setting 2,428 D), and to try and make the ambulance stop transmitting.

Total Items: 3

I always wonder how long that Banana had been in The Doctor’s pocket. Do the pockets keep things in stasis? The banana looked nice and ripe. We had our first encounter with Jack’s Squareness Gun. Amusing exchange on the topic of Sonic items there in the hall, eh? And I will always love the “Go to your room” bit. Along with the “Know the feeling” bit in the previous episode, they remind you that The Doctor was once a father. I’ll bet he never thought it would come in handy in that sort of situation, though.

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