John Barrowman – Putting It Together Blooper

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After finding the video of John Barrowman reading a bedtime story on CBBC, I did a bit more surfing about on YouTube and I found this gem. When you see it, you’ll understand why I had to share. Back in 2000, John Barrowman was in a production of “Putting it Together” with Carol Burnett on Broadway. As you might expect, with John Barrowman involved with the production, “Putting it Together” is a musical. In this clip, you get to see some of that singing and dancing. Until, that is, Carol Burnett calls a halt to the show…for a very good reason. How everyone reacts and deals with the problem shows 1) that they believe that the show must go on, and 2) that John Barrowman was a little bit too amused by the situation.

Blooper from Putting It Together
Starring John Barrowman

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