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I was reading this article a while back, and I discovered that there is a band from Manchester called I Am Kloot. Why should you care about this band with a huge cult following? Well, it turns out that they made a video for their song “Proof” that was never released. It consisted solely of a close up of Christopher Eccleston’s head. (Well, you see his shoulders some, but mostly it’s his head.) I’m curious to know what you all think of it. I liked it, but I did also get that thing where you feel a bit uncomfortable maintaining eye contact with someone for too long. It’s quite interesting how much emotion Eccleston can convey with just the tiniest movements. Enjoy!

I Am Kloot – Proof

At one point when John Barrowman was touring the UK (Perhaps “singing his way across the UK” would be a bit more accurate.) among the songs he included in his concerts was one called “The Doctor and I.” Apparently he sings it from Jack’s point of view (which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who sees Jack’s coat behind him.) Here is a video that gives you a wee taste of the song.

John Barrowman – "The Doctor and I"

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