The Pocket Project: Father’s Day

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The Pocket Project

This week on The Pocket Project we are looking at episode seven of Doctor Who series one – Father’s Day. What will The Doctor produce from his seemingly endless pockets this time? What will he use the Sonic Screwdriver for? Let’s find out.

The Pocket Project: Father’s Day – 1.8

1. TARDIS Key – Used to: enter the TARDIS and attempt to bring the TARDIS back.

2. The Sonic Screwdriver – Used to: either lock a door or check how solid it is, hard to tell which, and charge a battery.

Total Items: 2

This episode always gets to me. It’s my favorite from series one, so this shouldn’t be all that surprising. I still love how they managed to create a father for Rose that really explained why she was so different from her mum. Even though The Doctor only used two items from his pocket in this episode, wasn’t it nice that the lowly TARDIS key had a chance to shine for once?

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