The Pocket Project: Dalek

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The Pocket Project

This week on The Pocket Project we are looking at episode six of Doctor Who series one – Dalek. What will The Doctor produce from his seemingly endless pockets this time? What will he use the Sonic Screwdriver for? Let’s find out.

The Pocket Project: Dalek – 1.6

1. The TARDIS Key – used to open the TARDIS at the very end of the episode.

Total Items: 1

Okay, I was wrong. This is the episode with the least amount of items appearing from the Doctor’s pockets. The Sonic Screwdriver didn’t appear even once! That’s got to be some kind of unique occurrence. One would think that he’d have pulled it out to use on the door to The Cage in order to escape the Dalek, but no. I suppose that The Doctor’s favorite tool didn’t become ubiquitous until series two of the new show. It felt like it was everywhere even in series one, but it looks like I was wrong about that. Interesting…

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