Comic-Con, Preview Day

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Dr. Geek and a Golden Dalek
Dr. Geek and a Golden Dalek
On the scene at San Diego Comic-Con

(Once again, I bring you a post direct from Dr. Geek.)

Hi everyone,

Well preview night was a lot of fun. Badge registration started officially at 3pm, but people began lining up outside the convention hall doors much earlier than that.

Professional registration, (anyone who is a professional writer, artist, ect or Press) were diverted to the lobby of Hall D, where it literally took seconds once we got inside to get our badges.

Once inside we went to the Professional Lounge to pass the time till the doors opened. What was a bit unclear last night was the preview night is suppose to be for professionals only but apparently those who paid for the four day pass of the con had an opportunity to enter last night as well. This could explain why the exhibit hall (Dealers’ Room) got so very crowded.

I would have tried to call from the dealers room but with so many people I had to keep both hands on my crutches and both ears open. I still do not know how the two blind attendees I saw were navigating with just their canes.

The Exhibit Hall seize is legendary. To be honest I guess it is all relative. Sure this is one BIG dealers room but really it would make a rather small city :) Seriously my idea of using a Segway would be ideal except there would be no way to safely operate it with such a population density.

The only other thing scheduled for last night were some advance screenings of the new V series and The Vampire Diaries. We skipped those screenings so that Debbie could meet up with the team from Simon and Schuster. Everyone seemed really nice and you could tell they were thrilled to meet Debbie face to face.

The highlight so far: the giant Castle Greyskull from He-Man, The “working” Stargate, and finding the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra.

Don’t step through the gate, Dr. Geek!

end transmission

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