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If you happen to be interested in seeing some pictures of the filming of the next series of Doctor Who, you should go over to Blogtor Who. They have all kinds of photos from filming. Dr. Geek, at least, will be pleased to see that the new Doctor’s costume includes “braces” (a.k.a suspenders here in the U.S.)

Be warned, however, that you may encounter spoilers over there as…

Well…remember River Song? Alex Kingston (who played her in the Silence in the Library two-parter) has been seen on the set. Is she the same character? I don’t know for sure, but it seems pretty likely. I shall be most interested to see what happens.

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  1. Dr. Geek  July 21, 2009

    For the record I want it known I have been using that look since well before Torchwood. :)

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  2. whochick  July 21, 2009

    Yet another sign of rampant Time Travel, Dr. Geek.

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