The Pocket Project: World War Three

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The Pocket Project

As of today, I have been married for seven years. How crazy is that? In the unlikely event that my husband is reading this (he loves Doctor Who, but isn’t too big on blogs, you see) I would just like to say: I’d like to renew your contract for at least another seven years. And now, back to our show…

This week on The Pocket Project we are looking at episode five of Doctor Who series one – World War Three. What will The Doctor produce from his seemingly endless pockets this time? What will he use the Sonic Screwdriver for? Let’s find out.

The Pocket Project: World War Three – 1.5

1. Sonic Screwdriver – Used to: quickly close the door of the lift they’ve back him up against, open the door to the cabinet room, threaten the Slitheen (he says that he could triplicate the flammability of the alcohol), search the cabinet room

2. Virus CD – Given to Mickey to put online, in order to destroy every mention of The Doctor.

Total Items: 2

This is quite possibly the smallest number of things that The Doctor has ever produced from his pocket during the course of an episode. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that this is part two of a two-parter. Who knows?

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