Karen Gillan IS the Doctor’s New Companion

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Karen Gillan IS the Doctor’s New Companion

So, 2009 should be called the “void year” as there is very little Doctor Who happening. But like an oasis in the desert, here is some Doctor Who news.

First, BBC America will air the 2009 specials in the USA. Thankfully we will be able to see The Next Doctor through to The 10th Doctor’s regeneration.

Second, The 10th Doctor will appear in two episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Third, it was announced that The 10th Doctor would appear in a red button animated short story similar to The Infinite Quest. RTD hinted that The 10th Doctor would have one more special appearance before he goes, maybe this is what he was talking about? Maybe there is something else coming?

And Finally, The new companion for The 11th Doctor was just announced. Check out the official site news article.

(Image Copyright BBC)

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  1. Erik  June 26, 2009

    I still think Stephen is trying to kill me…

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