The April Fool’s Day Joke

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9th Doctor in Bad Wolf

Before I get started, I must admit that I hate April Fool’s Day. If at all possible, I even take the day off of work and hide in my bedroom. Well, not actually in my bedroom, but you get the idea. Why? I’m not sure. I think there were too many stupid jokes I had to deal with as a child. On the other hand, I love the obvious online April Fool’s jokes. Like the ones over at Google, you know? So, in that vein, here are a few headlines that I will shock the world by announcing here for the very first time. Are you sitting comfortably?

There we’ll begin.

Have you heard that David Tennant is planning on staying on Doctor Who…as The Doctor’s assistant? Yes indeed. The Doctor will be his own companion at some point in series five for a couple of episodes. This may cause a couple of problems, however, as The Doctor is not well known for getting along with himself, and may leave himself behind on some moon or other. Either that or they will swing by and pick up another incarnation so that they can rename themselves “Me, Myself, and I.”

Series five will bring yet another surprise when we finally see The Doctor’s bedroom, only to discover that the walls are still plastered with posters from old Gallifreyan rock bands. It turns out that he tends to wear the same clothing all the time, because he is too lazy to do the laundry!

The next series of The Sarah Jane Adventures will feature an episode that is a crossover with Torchwood, which will see Captain Jack flirting with Mr. Smith, an alien menace that seems to be a large singing banana, and we will hear Ianto say, “I’ll never be able to look at a Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich the same way again.”

And finally, We going to be doing a Doctor Who podcast here at (actually…this part is true. So, keep your eyes peeled. It should be up in a couple of days.)

Happy April Fool’s…

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