My First Doctor

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Tom Baker

Once upon a time, I had never watched Doctor Who. Then, I reached High School and everything changed. I kept hearing about this amazing show that was played on our local PBS station. I encountered mentions of time travel and really long scarves. I even managed to listen to part of the Fourth Doctor Story The Pyramids of Mars on the radio, as you could occasionally pick up the PBS station way at the end of the dial, without quite knowing what I was listening to. One day I went on a field trip to a Shakespeare festival with my school. One of the other folks on that trip was a particularly dedicated Whovian by the name of Mindi Rambo. During the trip she told me all sorts of things about her favorite show. So, as you might imagine, by the time we got back I decided that I had to see what she was talking about.

My very first episode of Doctor Who Tom Baker’s Underworld. Not the best episode to start with to be sure, but my interest was captured. By the Key to Time series I was hooked. So, I dragged every last member of my immediate family into the fandom with me. (Rather like I did more recently with my husband come to think of it.) We read Doctor Who Magazine and collected the novelizations. I even studied a bit of time theory. All the while I kept my eyes open for a stray Police Box, just in case. As is the case with most folks, I will always have a special place in my heart for my first Doctor.

Anybody care for a Jelly Baby?

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