Mega Doctor Who DVD Set Vol 2

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So, how many of you are like me? Nearly 30 years ago, you video taped every episode of Doctor Who available off of your local PBS station, and now you do not even have a VCR in the house.

Of course if you did find such a relic, you would discover that your prized collection is now degraded beyond all recognition. You have to face it. It is time … You have to get the series on DVD.

Well, as most of us know, the new series provides modern box sets at the end of every series. Typically such sets run a bit more than your average American series box set but, it is nice to get all of the episodes in one spot.

The Classic series on the other hand has yet to embrace the box set. in a perfect world there would be one box for every “Doctor”. Of course, the 4th Doctor collection would have to be split into two volumes but at least you would not have to devote an entire wall of your living room to Doctor Who DVDS.

Unfortunately it is not a perfect world, and although the classic series Doctor Who DVDs are very well done, packed full of special features, they normally have only one adventure per disk and the individual cost has been high enough to put some fans off.

So what is a fan to do?

Well it may not be a box set in the traditional sense but just announced that a Mega Doctor Who DVD set has just been announced.

As you can see from reading the article, March 24th will see the release of 29 titles sold together. It appears that eventually this mega set, like the one released last summer will be available on

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