What Brings You to Who?

Posted by: Dr. Geek

I for one enjoy Dr. Who because unlike most sci-fi and fantasy shows, Dr. Who can be just about anything.

Since 1963, Dr. Who has told all tyopes of stories, ranging from historical, to action and adventure. Thanks to the TARDIS, the characters on Dr. Who are not limited to a court room procedural format, or the predictable requirements of a sitcom.

So what brings you to Who?

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Dr. Geek holds two doctorate degrees and is an archaeologist and an attorney who has done extensive research on myths and their impact on modern archaeology and modern storytelling. He appreciates the history and mythology woven together in the Doctor Who shows.


  1. whochick  January 13, 2009

    It’s my soap opera?

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  2. MKEJenkins  January 13, 2009


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