Book Review: The Clockwise Man

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Book: The Clockwise Man

Doctor Who: The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards is the first of the new hardback Doctor Who tie-in novels, and I loved it. It was just like reading an episode. I could almost review it like one, come to think of it. The featured characters are the ninth Doctor and Rose, and the action takes place in 1920s London. (The Doctor and Rose are in town to see the British Empire Exhibition.) There are twists and turns, scary aliens, unexpected friends and foes, a few obvious subplots, and even a “bad wolf” reference. As usual, Rose has to wear period clothing, while the Doctor only goes as far as changing his shirt. This adventure seems to take place early on during the first series. Certainly, it’s pre-Captain Jack. There are many references to time and chess, and they seem to weave their way through the story. The characters aren’t the most well developed I have ever encountered, but the pace of the story more than makes up for this. The action drags you along in its wake and, if you are not careful, you will find yourself reading way past your bedtime. Just as with any good episode, I want to go read it again now.

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