Advent Calendar 2008 – Days 4-9

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This year’s Doctor Who Advent Calendar has all sorts of of surprises. Day 4 offers us part 1 of a short story called Number 1, Gallows Gate Road by Rupert Laight. Can the Doctor figure out what’s wrong with a seemingly normal boarding house?

Day 5‘s advent gift is a game called Black Hole. Can you keep the TARDIS from being sucked into a black hole?

Christmas Cards that you can download, print, and fold are Day 6‘s bounty. Check out the one with a picture of just the Tenth Doctor. Boy, he looks peeved.

Does your computer desktop need a new look? Yes? Well, then, Day 7‘s gift has the change you need: Desktop Wallpapers from The Next Doctor. I chose the first one. What about you?

The gift for Day 8 is another game. Cosmic Collider is a sort of modern pong-like game that lets you uncover pictures from The Next Doctor, and ultimately a script excerpt. I need more time to play this one. I’m dead curious about the script excerpt.

A Christmas Monster File is the gift for Day 9. Join Captain Jack as he discusses previous Christmastime visitors to planet Earth.

Advent Calendar 2008: Day 9
A Christmas Monster File

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