Advent Calendar 2008 – Days 10-15

Posted by: Whochick

And the Advent Calendar continues…

Do you have a Doctor Who Screensaver? If not, or if your current screensaver has gotten a bit old, why not try Day 10‘s Cyberman screensaver?

Day 11 brings us part 2 of Number 1, Gallows Gate Road by Rupert Laight. Can the Doctor defeat a lurking alien presence?

Think you know all there is to know about those metal monstrosities known as The Cybermen? Test your knowledge with Day 12‘s CyberQuiz.

What better way to watch The Next Doctor, than wearing Day 13‘s Cybershade Face Mask? Okay…it may make it a bit more difficult to see the screen, but it’s the principle of the thing.

Take a peek behind the scenes of The Next Doctor with WhoSpy on Day 14. Picture number four makes me wonder what Victorian “Men in Black” would wear. Hmmm…

Day 15 offers us another trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special – The Next Doctor. Oooo! It looks even better, now.

Advent Calendar 2008: Day 15
The Next Doctor Trailer

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  1. Dr. Geek  December 24, 2008

    Oh that new trailer is fantastic. One day to go!

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  2. whochick  December 26, 2008

    I still haven’t seen it. *cries*

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